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NannöLube General Lubricant is a unique and safe, fast-acting lubricant engineered for today’s market place. Immediately after application this product goes to work penetrating any and all intersecting joints, layers, and contact points, effectively coating them with a protective and smooth layer.

NannöLube General Lubricant has a high flash point with excellent penetration characteristics and is effective at high temperatures. It demonstrates high lubricity with anti-oxidation and friction modification while containing no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Highly efficient, it needs no special handling or storage requirements and is non-toxic.



– Non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, general purpose lubricating oil.

– Formulated from non-food-chain seed oils to provide users with a petroleum-free and solvent-free product with no sacrifice in performance when compared to other lubricating oils in the marketplace.


– Easy to apply, biodegradable, free of sulfur and aromatics.

– Is non-toxic, requiring no special application or handling practices.

– Contains no petroleum or CFC’s and is therefore Ozone-friendly and safer to handle.

– Non-irritating to skin.

– 100% Biodegradability (100%<60 days) results in no damage to the environment.

– Flash point is over 130˚C and is not restricted for transport or storage.

– Enhanced lubricity minimizes wear on points of contact.

– Excellent penetration and metal wetting for complete oil coverage.

– Drives out moisture, strong water resistance, protects from corrosion and rust.


– Lubrication of mechanical wear points (chains, conveyors, drives, journal bearings, sprockets, bearings, open bearings, etc.) for general machine lubrication.


– Product can be applied by hand oiling, automatic lubricators, slow speed dispensers, etc.

– Apply as any other typical oil, no special application methods required.

– This product may not be effective with certain rubber compounds, polypropylene, polyvinyl, Tyron, Plexiglass and similar materials. For these applications, try on a small hidden area before using.


– 355ml, 4L, 200L, 1000L, and larger bulk upon request.



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