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NannöLube Marine Lubricant creates a marine-safe alternative that is non-toxic and non-caustic. It efficiently lubricates and releases all metal connections within seconds. There is no harmful effluent, it biodegrades 100% in less than 60 days, but does not stay in water table or sensitive environments. It is completely safe for marine environments.



– Non-toxic, non-caustic 100% biodegradable, marine-safe cleaner with no inherent harmful effluent.

– A superior marine lubricant formulated from various processed seed oils and completely petroleum / graphite free and solvent-free product providing excellent lubricant qualities when compared to other marine lubricants in the marketplace.


– Easy to use waterless formula, biodegradable, petroleum and mineral free.

– No VOC’s.

– Ingestion through skin is harmless. Non-irritating to skin.

– 100% Biodegradability (95% in 35 days, 100% in 60 days). Will not contaminate the environment.

– Flash point is over 130˚C and is not restricted for transport or storage.

– Provides a tackable lubricant with very little discharge.

– Applies directly to affected areas by drip or spray.

– Laboratory tested and certified as non-toxic and acceptable for use in food establishments.


– Among its’ many uses: lubricates wire ropes, plain cargo winches, bearings, open gears, marine moorings and ramp door bearings, pedestal bearings, cargo hatch rollers, and any other slow / medium speed marine deck applications.


– Apply to surface as needed, waterless.

– Apply by spray or drip onto the affected surface. Metal surfaces will release oxidized surfaces with minimum of effort.

– This product may not be recommended for use with certain rubber compounds, polypropylene, polyvinyl, Tyron, Plexiglas and similar materials. For these applications or for over-spray on such surfaces, rinse affected surface with warm soapy water to remove Marine Cleaner, or simply try on a small hidden area before using.


– 355ml, 4L, 200L, 1000L, and larger bulk upon request.



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