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NannöWash Gasket Remover combines powerful gasket remover strength without the dangers of solvents based removers. Its fast action lifts and penetrates the most stubborn or baked-on gaskets in 15-20 minutes. This product is recommended for use on all gasket materials. Removes solvent-based gasketing, anaerobic gasketing and gasket sealant products including all high-tack gasket sealants and dressings, baked-on gaskets and cements, and formed-in-place gaskets.

NannöWash Gasket & Film Remover replaces caustic products with a new technology which penetrates to the substrate to lift and remover adhesives and other foreign materials, has no negative impact on substrate at either a macro of micro level, is highly efficient,  and needs no special handling of storage requirements and is non-toxic.

Product Data Sheet


– Efficient, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, bitumen and tar remover, for use in cleaning petroleum by-products from skin, all metal surfaces, clothing, plastics, ceramic, and other surfaces.

– Formulated from seed oils to provide users with a petroleum-free and solvent-free product with superior efficiencies when compared to other similar products in the marketplace.


– Easy to use, biodegradable, free of sulfur and aromatics and is 100% non-toxic.

– Requires no special application or handling practices.

– Contains no petroleum or CFC’s and is ozone-friendly and safer to handle.

– Non-irritating to skin, hypoallergenic.

– 100% Biodegradability means no damage to the environment from accidental release into soil or water.

– Flash point is +130˚C and is not restricted for transport or storage. Lifts usual solvent and petroleum-based sealants from surfaces.

– Addresses the ever-increasing environmental laws requiring companies to eliminate harsh, toxic cleaners from there manufacturing processes and operations.

– Safest product on the market for workers to use, no special equipment or coverings required.

– Reduces the cost of safely disposing of the product after use.


– Heavy machinery repair, internal engine repair, general mechanical repair where there is a need to remove gaskets or films from metal and other surfaces. Meets standards for use in food processing facilities. Safe for all metals.


– Apply as any other degreaser/cleaner, no special application methods required.

– Apply directly, or use as a parts bath solution.

– Apply, rub into material to be removed, wipe off with clean cloth.

– This product may not be recommended for use with certain rubber compounds, polypropylene, polyvinyl, Tyron, Plexiglas and similar materials. For these applications, rinse with warm soapy water after use. Best to try on a small hidden area before using.


– 355ml, 4L, 200L, 1000L, and larger bulk upon request.



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